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Heather, just a name. I exist as an individual. 

A little about me.

Heather Feraco received her MA in Publishing and Writing at Emerson College in 2015. Her focus was on publication design and print media. She received her BA in Art and her BA in Journalism from Rowan University in 2013. Heather is currently a freelance artist. She has created numerous branding designs and promotional materials for up and coming companies and bands. Heather plans on working in publishing and growing her portfolio.


​My art is guided by simple time and soul. You can see me hidden behind a modest camera, a thriving piece of stretched canvas, or a blank lined page. The medium in which gives me the most pleasure would be markers, oil paints, old black and white film, mixed media, and the written word.

As an artist, I am motivated by culture, human instinct, and my passions; relationships, the smell of fallen leaves, discovering antiques, writing poetry, and finding a meaning behind everything. It is the simplicity of life and new surroundings that give me joy. So, immerse yourself in this world. Take on a challenge. Be inspired by others work. All of these indulgences make up my ordinary life.

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